About Us

Our Worship

We believe that a primary purpose that God created in us is that we
would worship Him. Therefore, we provide opportunities to worship
in the various services, Bible Studies and retreats.

Our worship involves various forms of musical instruments.  The
Bible gives many examples where these instruments have been used to inspire
and facilitate worship.  II Sam. 6:5, Exodus 15:20, I Chronicles 15:16,
I Chronicles 5:13-14.

Worship prepares our heart to receive from God, “…come before His
presence with singing…Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into
His courts with praise.”  Psalms 100:2b, 4b

We wish to worship from the heart, not the lips.  Many of the songs
that we sing are directly from the Bible, but we provide an over head projector
to enable you to learn the songs by singing them. Therefore, the entire congregation is the choir and we encourage you
to worship the Lord in your own way.  The raising of hands (Nehemiah
8:6) is completely acceptable if you feel so led.


At Calvary Chapel Ramona, our desire in biblical counseling is not to
see through people, but to see people through.  Our desire is to point
people to Jesus.  It is our belief that the Bible is the main source
of  reference for answering man’s problems today.  The teaching
of Scripture, with the application of that teaching, empowered by the Holy
Spirit can resolve problems, heal and transform a person.

We believe God is concerned with even the smallest details of our lives
and we see many examples in the Bible where problems of a physical, emotional,
mental, relational or spiritual nature were resolved through biblical counsel.

Salvation means wholeness of life.  The counselors at Calvary Chapel
desire to assist the body of Christ to walk in that wholeness.  Through
Jesus Christ we find answers to our questions, solutions to our problems,
healing for our hurts, liberation from bondage, an over-comer for our burdens,
a supplier of our needs and a forgiver of our sins.

We believe that some of the best counseling takes place when we study
God’s Word, for Jesus is the “Wonderful Counselor”.  Therefore, we
encourage attendance of a home fellowship, men’s fellowship or women’s
fellowship.  However, we are aware at times, more personal attention
is needed, thus Calvary Chapel offers pastoral counseling for free, by


The character, integrity and heart of those involved in church leadership
is of primary importance to us at Calvary Chapel, in order that the life
of Christ might be lived and ministered to others.  To be a part of
the leadership of this church, a person must first exhibit the heart of
a servant, for this is the very nature of Jesus.  He taught this,
lived it and even told us to follow his servant style example (John 13:1-17).

Calvary Chapel follows the New Testament pattern of church government,
which supports a strong pastoral leadership surrounded by elders who function
as counselors and advisers to the pastor in his decisions concerning the
ministry of the church.  They provide strong pastoral accountability
and godly advice different from his own thinking.  The pastor is responsible
to God for the final word concerning those matters, but is submitted to
hearing from those who hold those positions of responsibilities. 
They hold him accountable for doctrine and a Christ-like life style (Galatians
5:16-25, I Timothy 3).  Our pastor also has a pastor to whom he is

The ministry of Calvary Chapel Ramona has Jesus Christ as the head of
the church, a Pastor upon whom the oversight of the body has been entrusted
(I Peter 5:2-4), a Board of Directors and a team of leaders who have been
delegated the oversight of the various ministries of the church.

The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice-President, Financial
Officer and Secretary.  They are to handle the legal and civil responsibilities,
meet informally monthly, with a regular annual meeting.  Special meetings
are called as the need arises.  The term of office is two years and
they can be re-nominated for another term.  These men function as elders
in the church.
The leadership team consists of those who have been appointed by the
pastor to the oversight of a ministry (Women’s, Children’s Home Studies,
Counseling, Youth, Benevolent, etc…)  They, in turn, have others
whom they recruit, train and disciple.  This group of leaders meets
Bi-Monthly with the pastor to be encouraged, trained and report on their
area of responsibility.  These are men and women who are responsible
for spiritual duties in the church.

The qualifications of all these servants are as taught in the Scriptures
(I & II Timothy, Titus, I Peter 5, II Corinthians 4:1-7, 6:1-9).

Missions Involvement
Jesus told us that we would be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria
and the uttermost parts of the world.  Calvary Chapel Ramona has a
vision for local as well as foreign missions.  We are involved
with San Juaquin, Calbayog, Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Biloxi, Mississippi
and Calvary Chapel Church Planting missions in Russia.
The local missions we support are the Ramona Pregnancy Care
Clinic, U-Turn for Christ and the Family Discipleship Ministries.  We support them financially,
as well as physically through volunteer service.